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Session Resources


10 Shots to Caffeinate Your Presentations - Lynell Burmark


A Happy Ending the Marriage of Choice-Based Art Special Education - Katherine Douglas, Renee Nolan

A Passion For History Using Art to Enhance Understanding in Social Studies Classroom - Alisha Marchewka, Kristine Sieloff

A Research Investigation of Issue-Based Instruction - Nicholas Wozniak

Action Research Visualization - Karen Kiefer-Boyd

ADVOCACY through Technology - Susan Bivona

Agnes Gund and Friends Present Visual Arts Education Beyond - Agnes Gund

Altered Art Journals - Cathy Tanassee

An Art Teacher in Mathmagic Land | Bibliography - Rebecca Arkenberg

Animal Prints with Meaning - Lisa Crubaugh

Applying Steam to Art and Design - Lisa Crubaugh

Art and Addiction - Amanda Alders

Art as Core presentation - Read M. Diket

Art for All Seasons - Cathy Balbach, Laura Dant, Carey Given

Art - Design - Careers - Presenter Unknown

Artful Adventures: A Collaboration Partnership Between Preservice Art Teachers and Museums | VisualLiteracyProjectSAAM-NAEA - Lois Petersen, Brittany Tomick, Renee Sandell

Artful Thinking - Susan Barahal

Artists on the Green - Timeline | PURPOSE - Beverly Robinson

Arts Day - Overview | Schedule | Student Evaluation | Resources - John Krenik

Arts-Infused Education and 21st Century Skills - Cheri Sterman, Linda Arnold

Artsonia as Advocacy Beyond the Basics - Susan Bivona, Tricia Fugelstad

ARTSONIA Publishing an On-line Gallery Getting Started - Susan Bivona, Tricia Fugelstad

Artwork Created! Now How Do I Show the Community My Artwork - BloggingResources | Creating your Wix Website | KompoZer | Voki - Natalie Blake, Hannah Brown, Peggy Martinez, Jennifer Patton, Christina Ritchey

Aspects of Culture - Bettyann Plishker

Audience Connection & Empowerment - April Oswald

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Best Practices in Advocacy for Fine Arts Education - Tyson Ledgerwood

Beyond the Artroom Advocating for Your Program and Your Students - Betty Lark Ross, Christine Holloway

Bridging a Community - Alice Carlson, Lily Clayton

Bullying Intervention Through The Visual Arts - Gene Neglia

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Cakes for a Cause - Donnalyn Shuster

CALL & RESPONSE Interpreting the Written Teaching Philosophy through Experimental Theatre - Rachel Harper

Cash Cab and Work of Art - Shannon McBride

Casting Negative Space - Nathalie Ryan, Adam Davies

Colorful Prints with Black Lines with Links - Tracy Fortune

Connecting Teaching and Learning through the Art of Puppetry - Paige Vitulli, Susan Santoli

Conservation Critters Addressing Issues of Sustainability in Elementary Art | Lesson Plan - Mary Hoefferle

Creating a Culture of Sketchbooks In a High School Art Program | Handouts - Greg Stanforth, Bob Fisher

Creating an Interactive, Technology-Driven Museum Space | Resources - Chelsea Kelly, Rosanna Flouty, Ted Lind

Creating Community with Teens in Arts Museums - Cheri Ehrlich, Carda Burke, Sheetal Prajapati, Pauline Noyes

Creativity Art Educators Leaders 21st Century Skills - Cheri Sterman

Creativity Neuroscience Digital Installation Art - Allison Procacci


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Death Life Eternity_100 pounds Clay - Peter Geisser

Design Thinking - Andy Katz

Design Issues Group Presentation | Handout - Donna Murray-Tiedge

Digital Arts - Jenny Evans

Digital Art Shows - Jacqueline Cassidy

Discover Your Inner Docent Whisperer | Resources - Pam Reister, Jenni Stenson, Emily Garner

Dynamic Collaborations III - Samantha Melvin, Theresa McGee, Tricia Fuglestad

Educating the Museum's Youngest Visitors: A Comparative Look - Sarah Wright, Lisa Incatasciato, Susan Kuliak, Stacey Shelnut-Hendrick

Effective Art and Design Pedagogy or a Bag of Tricks - Amy Snider, Kristina Lamour-Sansome, Ruth Rozner

Encouraging Students to Communicate Through Art - Felissa Onixt

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EXTRAordinary: Teaching Identity, Transformation and Community Using Pop Art | 4 warhol can portrait worksheet- eval | 4 Warhol soup can self-portrait - Tina Atkinson, Suzie Elder, Andee Rudloff, Andrea Steele


From Conference to Infinity and Beyond - Margaret "Meg" Barney

From Pink to Red Hot - Deborah Snider

From the Computer To Paper to Models Architecture Comes Alive | Unit Plans - Katrina Bullington

For the Record | Album Art PowerPoint | Creative Journaling PowerPoint | Record worksheet | Text Path Worksheet - Nancy Baker

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George Segal Project - Katlyn Wolfgang

Get Published—Through the NAEA's IRG, It’s As Simple as ABC! | Presentation 2 - Debi West

Green Imagination - Linda Keane, Mark Keane

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Hanging by a Thread Weaving Words of Understanding - Sandra Koberlein, Jane Graziano

Hexagon Prospectus - Beth Burkhauser, George Barbolish

Hot Wax 2_Encaustic Painting Bringing the Artists Studio into the Classroom | MILISA GALAZZI _Artist Statement - Kristin Heynen, Milisa Galazzi

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Integrating iPads Art Curriculum Students with Autism - Kristin Kowalski

Integrating the Fine Arts with Creative Reading and Writing - Thomas Beck, Sue Gale-Beck

Its All About You Adult Identity Work Museums - Dawn Eshelman, Sarah Brockway, Amy Kirschke, Karleen Gardner

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KinderARTen - Bev Staub, Shannon Simmermon

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Listening to Visitors: Using Small Sample Research to Learn about Your Users - Denver Art Museum prezi | design interview guide | interviewers guidelines | LL floorplan CR teacher panel | sample PD evals - Angela Houdyshell

Living with Art - Rebecca Carleton

Look at That: Can Technology Deepen the Art Viewing Experience - Jeanine Ancelet, Jessica Luke, Lynn Courtney, Richard Lewis

Looking to Learn Using the Visual Arts to Create Connections in Language Arts & Social Studies - Susan Santoli

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Making Dolls - Aurelia Gomez, Patricia Sigala, Leslie Fagre

Making Middle School Art Matter - Leslie Flowers

Marking and Mapping the History of Art Education - Renee Sandell

Mastery of Oneself - Daniel Springer

Michael Bell_31 NIGHTS - Michael Bell


Mixed Media Meets the “Art of Anatomy” (and Other Great Lesson Ideas) | Looking closely at the human form through mixed media | Creating chaos, finding new paths - Debi West

Mixed Media Mania - Secondary Roundtable Session | Presentation 2 - Rosie Riordan, Diane Scully, Debi West, Sarah Cress

Museums and Early Learners Three different Models - Lynn Thomson, Emily Blumenthal, Barbara Palley

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NAEA Cross-Division Research Committee

NASDAE Annual Meeting National Association of State Directors of Art Education - Agenda-NASDAE12-Final | NASDAE Annual Meeting 2012 National Association of State Directors of Arts Education | NASDAE Minutes,March 18, 2011 and Annual Report - 8-15-11 - AnnRené Joseph, Vicki Breen, Limeul Eubanks, Brenda Turner

NASDAE State Agency Arts Leaders Connecting Teaching Learning and Research in Emerging Perspectives and Paradigms - AnnRen+ª Joseph, M.Ed.-NAEAConf.Sessions-2012 | DRAFT AEP State of the States-2010 | NAEA_News_Feb2011_WA[1] | NAEA'10CBPAs-GaleRiley'sPowerPointfor WA State's Arts Performance Assessments | NASDAE SAAL CTLR EPP | State and media arts standards - FINAL - 2.1.2012 | WA State DataBase- AEP2010- ARJ - AnnRené Joseph, Vicki Breen, Limeul Eubanks, Brenda Turner

Negotiating Grasp | References - Biljana Fredriksen

New Dimensions in Teaching Advanced Drawing | Handout - Julia Healy

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Partners in Curriculum - Holly Bess Kincaid, Mark Parker

Podcasting as Catalyst for Blurring the Learning Lines | Handouts - Adrienne Gayoso, Suzannah Niepold

Postmodern Curriculum for the Secondary Art Room - Lorinda Stevens, Reta Rickmers

Power of Puppetry - Louriann Mardo-Zayat, Alberta Procaccini, Peg Little

Pre-AP Program Building Your AP Program From Middle School Up - Debi Barrett-Hayes, Pam Wallheiser, Barb Davis

Pressure's ON! Make Way for Printmaking_Survey | Worksheet | Online Resources | Print Processes - Katherine Morris

Print vs. Pixels Museum Teacher Resources in the Digital Age - Theresa Sotto, Rebecca Mitchell, Jeanne Hoel, Lisa Mazzola

Promoting Art in a Visual Age Research and Purpose from the National Education Task - Paige Lund

Publishing as Art Advocacy - Pamela Stephens

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Quest-I-On - Melissa Ball-Martin, Rebekah Wrye Owens



Reading, Writing, Recycling Art - Actual Budget Detailed Budget | Article for Newsletter or paper edited in Feb. 2012 | Classwork Homework for artist in residence english | cover for NAEA presentation | Letter for Diane McKinnon to john Mareska | Letter for Nancy Raia | Schedule for artist in residence  - BetsyLogan

Reduction Block Printing Studio Workshop - Block Printing Unit Rubric | Block Printing,  Liz Egan - print out | REDUCTION BLOCK PRINTING LESSON PLAN | Reduction Block Printing Log,  Liz Egan - Elizabeth Egan

Research, Recycle and Redesign Fashion - outline TFS | Resources | trashy fashion rules | Trashy Fashion Show reg - Victoria Ali

Re(Search)/Re(Design) Environments in the Elementary Art Room - Joanna Hyatt

Resources for Online Collaborations - Kris Troxell, Kris Fontes

Re-Visioning Historical Re-Search: A Not So 'Sexy' Methodology - Renee Sandell

Revisiting SummerVision DC:  A Professional Learning Community Reunion - Renee Sandell

Secondary NAEA Regional Division Showcase - Dana Jung Munson, Becky Blaine, Samuel Craig Llewellyn

Sharing your students' stories Using narrative research in your work as an art educator | Handout - Jessica Carlini, Barbara Johnson

Shattered Portrait Unit - Ashley Molfino

Shoot To Win - Wendy Fisher, Leigh Halcom

Show Me the Money Grant Writing for Art Educators | Tips - Amy Nelson

SkuttKilnChart_2011 - Ron Kieling

Stick It to It A Collaborative Mid-Process Critique - Template - Rebecca Williams

Summer Artmaking: Creating Meaningful Connections Across the Ages - A Bugs Life Lesson Plan | Architecture Lesson Plan | Cave Exploration Lesson Plan | Eric Carle Lesson Plan | Health Information | Letter to Parents | Program Information | Registration | Release Form | Summer Art Program 1 | Summer Art Program 2 | Underwater Muralists Lesson Plan | Unit Plan - Sarah Cress

SummerVision DC: The Museum Experience--Exploring Form+Theme +Context as a Professional Learning Community - Renee Sandell

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Teaching Art Online...How Does the Work - Natalie Blake, Hannah Brown, Peggy Martinez, Jennifer Patton, Christina Ritchey

Teaching Art to Children in Crisis - Donalyn Heise

Teaching Docents to Lose Control - Jenni Stenson, Adelia Gregory, Ann Meehan

Teaching Leaf Chromatography Printing to Students - L. S. Krecker

Teaching Peace International Collaboration and the Arts through iEarn - Nancy Petrella

Techy Teachers A Year of Collaboration - Cheri Lloyd

Text Prints: A lesson plan for 8th grade, New Song Students: A two hour workshop - Dawn Stone

The Artist Trading Card Craze (Creative Teaching Tools and Effective Uses for Artist Trading Cards) - FB_link | ISBNAT CBOOK | ListATCIdeas | Other SubjectsATC | PD_0182 | PD_0183 | PD_0184 | PD_0185 | PD_0186 | PD_0187 | PD_0188 | PD_0189 | PD_0190 | PD_0191 | PD_0192 | PD_0193 | PD_0194 | PD_0195 | PD_0196 - Nicole Lewis

The Challenge Evaluating Single Visit Programs at Art Museums - James Stein, Stephanie Downey, Franny Kent, Rebecca Herz

The Compassion Project - Melanie Malm

The Effects of Dialogue and Art Making on the Verbal, Emotional and Social Skills of Adolescents with Classic Autism - Amanda Newman-Godfrey

The H.E.R.O. Project - Mary Jane Coker

The Pedagogy of Museum Talk - Rachel Harper, Elena Goetz

Their Work Not Mine - Rebecca Roberts

Thematic Learning in AP Art History & AP Studio Art - QuestionsVisualOrganizer - John Gunnin

There's an app for that! Incorporating the iPad - Tricia Fuglestad, Theresa Gillespie, Suzanne Tiedemann

Thirty Years of Looking and Responding - Katherine Douglas

Through the Schoolhouse Door Guest Folk Artists in the Classroom | WebandBib - Paddy Bowman, Amanda Dargan

Transporting Michelangelo into the 21st Century Blending Art Poetry and Information Literacy Through Project-based Learning - Pat Kerner, Meredith Burris, Myra Morrison

Turkey Trekking - Debi West

Turning Advanced High School Art into an Exceptional Student Experience - Pam Valcante

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Universally Designed Art Lessons A Multimodal Approach For Motivating Students to Enter into Image Making - Linda Kourkoulis

Using Data Creatively Supporting Learning in the Visual Arts Classroom - Ellen Craig

Using the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards as a Tool in the Classroom - Kris Musto, Shannon McBride

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Welcome to Teaching Lab Supporting Reflective and Reflexive Practice - Allison Day, Alexa Fairchild, Nicola Giardina, Keonna Hendrick

What Does Critical Thinking mean and why is it a 21st Century Skill - Barb Reinke

When Art Talks Creating Curricular Resources For and With English Language Learners and New Americans - Veronica Alvarez, Judy Murray

Womens Caucus Sessions - Karen Keifer-Boyd

Working Together to Educate the Whole Child - Maureen Caouette

Writing A Comprehensive Standard Aligned Visual Art & Design Curriculum - Nina Marold, Deanna Agresti

Written Word as Inspiration to Visual Subject Matter Discovering the Art of Assemblage - Carla Tuetken

Wyland_NAEA Panel Overview - Wyland

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