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Learning in a Visual Age

NAEA's Conversation

For the last year, NAEA has engaged in ongoing discussions about the future of the visual arts, leading to a meeting of scholars, important stakeholders and friends of arts education at the Aspen Institute last summer.

Learn about how to continue the conversation in your own communities.

See What Happened in Aspen

Aspen Summit Highlights
(With Viewing Questions)

Why Do We Want More Visual Arts?
(With Viewing Questions)

What Education Can Learn from the Arts By Elliot Eisner
(With Viewing Questions)


Analyze and Discuss Critical Topics for the Field

The Intrinsic and Extrinsic Values for the Arts
Visions of  Excellent Teaching
Infusing the Arts throughout Schools and Communities
Promoting the Arts
Other Ongoing Concerns

Hear From Individual Summit Participants
NAEA brought together scholars, leaders in visual arts education, music educators, advocates for the arts, and former Clinton and Bush administration officials. There also were experts on learning and cognition and education association executives. Hear from them about critical issues in the field today. View all participants.

  Doug Blandy John Mahlmann
  B. Stephen Carpenter II David Perkins
  Laura Chapman Terry Peterson
  Jack Davis Deborah Reeve
  Linda Downs Bennett Reimer
  Elliot Eisner Bonnie Rushlow
  Susan Gabbard Susan Sclafani
  Constance Bumgarner Gee Scott Sanders Shanklin-Peterson
  Mac Arthur Goodwin Barry Shauck
  Olivia Gude Mary Ann Stankiewicz
  Lois Hetland Gerald Tirozzi
  Kris Kurtenbach Louis West
  Kent Lydecker  


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