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Board of Directors


(Term: 2015-2017)
Patricia (Pat) Franklin
Supervisor of Fine Arts
Newport News Public Schools
12465 Warwick Boulevard
Newport News, VA 23606

Why Art Matters: "Art matters because through the visual arts we can connect to the past, make sense of the present, and visualize the future." —PF


(Term: 2015-2017)
Mr. Dennis Inhulsen
Patterson Elementary School
3231 Grange Hall
Holly, MI  48442

Why Art Matters:
"Because artists lived & live everywhere!" —DI

(Term: 2015-2017)
George Szekely
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY


Regional Vice President
Patrick Fahey
(Term: 2014-2016)
Associate Professor of Art Education
Colorado State University
D102G Visual Arts Building
Fort Collins, CO  80523


15Division Director
Angela Fischer
(Term: 2013-2015)
Omaha Public Schools Art Supervisor
3215 Cuming Street
Omaha, NE 68131


ReeveExecutive Director
Dr. Deborah B. Reeve
National Art Education Association
1806 Robert Fulton Drive, Suite 300
Reston, VA 20191

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 Eastern Region


Peter Geisser
(Term: 2014-2016)
Special Needs Art Educator
19 Philmont Avenue
Cranston, RI 02910

Why Art Matters: “Art” in American Sign Language is the sign for idea (letter “i” off the top of your head) drawn across the sign for things/matter (open palm). The Deaf have taught me that Art Matters because it is how our ideas become the things of the visual world. Art is how we connect those things within us to the designs of all we make."—PG


June Krinsky-Rudder
(Term: 2014-2016)
Secondary Art Educator
176 Everett St.
East Boston, MA 02128-2269

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Pacific Region


Patrick Fahey
(Term: 2014-2016)
Associate Professor of Art Education
Colorado State University
D102G Visual Arts Building
Fort Collins, CO  80523

Why Art Matters: "Art brings us to the original; to what is essential. More than problem solving, art allows us to create our own problems and then seek solutions. Art allows us to be intimate with materials; to touch, play, smell, and explore what they are; to understand what they are capable of communicating. Art allows us to play; to engage in a process that leads us to come up with ideas to further investigate. Art encourages us to tell our stories; to let other people know what is important to us. In short, art provides a way for us to share who we are; art lets us be whole! That is why art matters."—PF


Cris Guenter
(Term: 2014-2016)
Professor of Education/Graduate Coordinator, School of Education, California State University
3 Noyo Court
Chico, CA 95973

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Southeastern Region


Debi West
(Term: 2014-2016)
Visual Arts Coordinator
113 Abbey Pointe Way
Suwanee, GA  30024

Why Art Matters: "ART matters because OUR CHILDREN MATTER!
…they need to communicate creatively and divergently in environments that encourage problem-solving skills! …they must be able to apply their knowledge to real-world applications through their “Heads,” their “Hands,” and most importantly, their “Hearts”! …they must desire to stay in school… to learn… to express themselves… to care! …they need to understand that ART documents our past, our future, and perhaps most importantly, OUR NOW!"


W. Scott Russell
(Term: 2014-2016)
Elementary Art Educator
101 B Prosperity Ave. SE
Leesburg, VA 20175-4145

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Western Region


Elizabeth Harris Willett
(Term: 2014-2016)
Art Specialist
Southwest High School
4100 Alta Mesa Boulevard
Fort Worth, TX 76134
Cell: 682-229-4164

Why Art Matters: "Art matters because people matter. A visual arts education expands our capacity to learn, create, and understand ourselves. Through art, our world view is challenged and reborn. To create is the highest intellectual capacity that all people possess. Art education matters because it helps all of us reach our fullest potential."—LM


Cindy Todd
(Term: 2014-2016)
Professor/Art Education Program Chair, Kendall College of Art & Design, Ferris State University
6222 Egypt Valley Ct. Ne
Ada, MI 49301

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Thomas Knab
(Term: 2015-2017)
388 Summer Street #1
Buffalo, NY 14213

Why Art Matters: "Art gives legs to our imagination, a face to our beliefs. Art gives body to the stories we share, and reaches out its arms to all who view it. Art gives eyes to our souls, heart to our cultures. Art is always a self-portrait of the artist…the discovery of what it means to be human."—TK

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Jennifer Dahl
(Term: 2015-2017)
Elementary Art Educator
Forrest, Third and Gebhardt Elementary Schools
Black River Falls, WI

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Middle Level


September Buys
(Term: 2015-2017)
Art and Creativity Educator
Greenville Middle School
1321 Chase Road
Greenville, MI 48838
616-225-1000 x8364

Why Art Matters: "Art matters because it teaches us how to fully engage with the world around us. It challenges us to explore new perspectives and possibilities. An art education provides the foundation for a rich and vibrant life."—SB

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Peter Curran
(Term: 2015-2017)
Visual Art Educator, Grades 6-8
Wayland Middle School
Wayland, MA


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Andrea Haas 
(Term: 2015-2017)
Wethersfield High School
411 Wolcott Hill Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109
860-571-8200 x645
Fax: 860-571-8240

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Secondary Division - Selections from High School Showcases and Awards Programs


Joshua Drews
(Term: 2015-2017)
High School Art Teacher/Past-President SCAEA
Spring Valley High School
Columbia, SC

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Cheryl Maney 
(Term: 2015-2017)
Visual Arts Supervisor
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
700 East Stonewall Street, Suite 506
Charlotte, NC 28202
Fax: 980-343-5011

Why Art Matters: "Art is a visual recording of humanity… our thoughts, feelings, moments in time. Art is an integral part of how we experience this world. We can go through life without art education, but why? Why would you not want to experience and appreciate life to the fullest? Art matters because we matter."—CM


Elizabeth Stuart
(Term: 2015-2017)
Visual Arts Supervisor
Prince George’s County Public Schools
Capitol Heights, MD

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Higher Education


Sara Wilson McKay 
(Term: 2015-2017)
Chair & Associate Professor
Department of Art Education
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts
P.O. Box 843084
812 West Franklin Street
Richmond, VA 23284
Fax: 804-827-0255

Why Art Matters: "Works of art create new seeing. They help us imagine something else to be. Art requires an exchange of perspectives and encourages democratic engagement that can lead to social change. In short, art challenges us to be critical active participants in life—because in art we find each other and ourselves; we find joy, struggle, connection, mindfulness, and hope."—SWM

Jeffrey L. Broome
(Term: 2015-2017)
Assistant Professor, Art Education/Coordinator of Teacher Certification
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL

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Emily Holtrop
(Term: 2015-2017)
Director of Learning and Interpretation
Cincinnati Art Museum
953 Eden Park Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Fax: 513-721-0129

Why Art Matters: "Why does Art Matter? Art Matters because it tells us where we have been, where we are, and where we can strive to be. Art is all around us—from our morning cereal bowl to the clothes we wear and the advertisements we pass on our way to work. Art is in the everyday and the everything. Art Matters, because Art is our Story."—EH


Michelle Grohe
(Term: 2015-2017)
Director of School & Teacher Programs
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Boston, MA

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Amanda Barbee
(Term: 2015-2017)
3309 B Robinson Ave.
Austin, TX  78722

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Jessica Burton
(Term: 2015-2017)
Columbia College
Chicago, IL




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