NAEA 2022 Museum Education Division Preconvention

Call for Submissions


2022 Museum Education Virtual Preconvention

Advocacy in Action: Museum Educators as Changemakers
Thursday, February 10, 11:00 am EST–7:00 pm EST
(This Preconvention is taking place virtually.)

Proposals Due: Friday, November 19, 2021, 11:59 pm EST
(Acceptance notifications will be made on or before Monday, December 13, 2021.)

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Building on our collective work from the 2021 Preconvention, join museum educators from the United States and beyond to explore how to build more equitable, inclusive spaces through the lenses of advocacy and resilience. We will spend the day learning from one another. Also, we will explore ways to champion our colleagues, audiences, and ourselves on both micro and macro scales. How can our collective actions contribute to a more resilient future for museum educators while leading the field toward justice? The Preconvention will feature a keynote presentation and multiple small-group (30 people or less) sessions where we can connect with others to discuss the super-practical to the theoretical, and everything in between.

Participants will have the opportunity to gather by programming areas (K–12, docents, family, etc.), number of years in the field, and size/location of the institution. We will also have a strong focus on advocacy efforts for diversity, equity, accessibility, inclusion, and antiracist practices.

We are seeking proposals for the following types of sessions:

NOTE OF ENCOURAGEMENT: We are all stretched thin these days, so don’t agonize over your proposal to make it “perfect.” It’s more important that you share your ideas/thinking than to have smooth transition sentences. Bullet points and lists are great. We want your contribution!

  • Virtual Gallery Teaching (50 minutes. Live for 20–30 participants.) Facilitated discussion around an artwork(s)/cultural belonging via Zoom. (Presenters will be expected to manage a Zoom meeting and screen share high-resolution images). This is an opportunity to model teaching that you’ve been doing during COVID-19 or explore a technique that you are experimenting with. We encourage you to take advantage of the digital format to try things that are not possible in a physical space. 20–30 minutes should be spent engaging participants in the facilitated discussion, and 20–30 minutes should be spent on reflection and discussing the process and applications with participants. Please be prepared to present your teaching twice.

  • Skill Share (30 minutes. Prerecorded, with live Q and A.) Let’s get down to the nitty gritty! Record a video to teach/share a specific skill that you’ve found useful for your work. Possibilities include but are not limited to: scheduling volunteers, editing video, editing audio, Zoom features, etc. Presenters will record the video in advance, and while it is played at a specific time, they will participate in the live chat/Q and A.

  • Deep Dive Workshops (80 minutes. Live for 15–30 participants.)
    An opportunity to explore a topic more in depth. These workshops must feature audience participation/discussion and/or making. There can be a lecture/presentation section as well, but the goal is to get folks talking/making and thinking together. If making is featured, please be sure to use materials that participants are likely to have at home. Breakout rooms will be available in this Zoom meeting, so small groups can gather and then come back together for a larger conversation. Please be prepared to present your workshop twice.

  • Celebrate the Wins (5 minutes. Live.)
    We’ve lived through a rough, rough year. Let’s cheer each other on and celebrate the wins we’ve achieved. Go ahead and brag!! We want to hear about the big wins and the tiny ones, too. This is definitely not limited to professional life… please share personal successes, too (like finding the best breakfast sandwich combo). We’ll use the Ignite format: 20 slides, and each slide advances automatically every 15 seconds. It’s more of a performance than a presentation.

  • Self-Care Segment (5 minutes. Prerecorded.)
    Share a short demo of self-care that leads viewers through a process you find useful. It could be guided meditation, stretching, a dance break to some great music, breathing exercises, or anything else that helps you feel better. It can range from calm and quiet to loud and raucous. We’ll pepper these throughout the Preconvention and make them available in a compilation after.

  • Small Group Facilitator (50 minutes. Live, 15–20 participants.)
    Help keep the conversation going as we gather in small groups based on programming areas (K–12, docents, family, etc.), number of years in the field, or size/location of the institution. We will also have affinity spaces for BIPOC folks to gather. Facilitators will meet in advance to develop prompts for conversation. Please be prepared to facilitate two or three groups.

If accepted, all presenters and co-presenters must register for the Museum Education Preconvention at a member cost of $59.

Proposals Due: Friday, November 19, 2021, 11:59 pm EST
(Acceptance notifications will be made on or before Monday, December 13, 2021.)

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