Call for Nominations: NAEA Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (ED&I) Commission

2019-2020 Submissions

Art ED&I

In keeping with the 2015-2020 Strategic Vision, NAEA efforts are underway to address the recommendations presented by the Task Force on Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion. During its meeting in March 2019, the Board unanimously took action to establish an ED&I Commission that parallels the structure of the Research Commission and ensures a deep commitment to sustaining this critical work over the years ahead.

The mission of the NAEA ED&I Commission is:

  1. to do the difficult and ongoing work of examining and dismantling systemic inequities that reinforce inaccessibility, stagnate membership, and foster a general resistance to new perspectives, particularly as a means for inciting organizational change;
  2. to ensure equal access to the benefits of membership and positions of leadership for all; and
  3. to fundamentally increase the capacity of NAEA members to enact change that ultimately fosters greater diversity, equity, inclusivity, and accessibility throughout their state organizations and professional communities of practice.

The inaugural ED&I Commission will be chaired by NAEA President-Elect James Haywood Rolling, Jr. A Commissioner will be appointed to represent each of the 7 NAEA divisions, as well as 3 Commissioners-at-large. The ED&I Commission will convene for the first time at the NAEA Studio & Gallery in Alexandria, VA, December 6-8, 2019. In keeping with policy, NAEA will cover all costs for participation in this meeting.

All current members who have an interest and meet the criteria for serving in this national leadership role are encouraged to apply:

ED&I Commissioners must demonstrate a commitment to social justice work as it supports NAEA’s current mission and vision. Other qualifications and duties are as follows:

Relevant Experience

  • Maintains or is establishing a leadership track record with wide-ranging experience in equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives
  • Has a personal history of committed struggle against underrepresentation in social and professional contexts, and/or experience teaching/working successfully with underrepresented populations
  • Advocates for equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility (willing to stand up and speak out on behalf of others who are marginalized or disenfranchised)
  • Participates with other organizations, groups, or institutions who are doing equity, diversity, and inclusion work
  • Has research experience and/or a strong interest in research

All applications are submitted online and must be received by 11:59pm EDT, August 30, 2019. Appointments will be announced mid-October. You can submit your application here

Please contact James H. Rolling, Jr. at with any questions regarding the work of the Commission.

Background and ED&I Task Force Recommendations:

Members of NAEA’s National Task Force on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion met in January 2018 at the NAEA Studio & Gallery, in response to its charge to make recommendations for nurturing and sustaining a diverse, vibrant professional community. Consistent with NAEA’s 2015-2020 Strategic Vision, efforts are underway to ensure that its professional community is inclusive and accessible to all. The Task Force was charged with:

  1. Reviewing NAEA’s history through the lens of equity, diversity, and inclusion
  2. Identifying similar initiatives underway with other professional organizations and study implications for NAEA’s work
  3. Understanding the demographics of the profession across the NAEA community and throughout the field as a whole

For a full review of the ED&I Task Force’s final recommendations visit:

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