Research Commission Call for Nominations

Nomination Deadline: February 26, 2023

Nominations closed on February 26, 2023.

The NAEA Research Commission invites nominations from the NAEA membership for two positions:

  • Museum
  • Supervision/Administration

Division Representative

Nominees for Division Representative Commissioners (Museum and Supervision & Administration Division) should be passionate advocates for the research needs of members within the division to be served, and either be a member of the division of interest or have significant research experience in this area. Commissioner nominees must be willing to serve for two years.

Qualifications and Duties

All nominees for Research Commission service must hold current NAEA membership in good standing. Terms of service for newly elected Commissioners begin at the close of the 2023 NAEA National Convention. The qualifications and duties of all Research Commissioners are as follows:

  • Have research experience as demonstrated through publications, service on research bodies, and participation in research initiatives;
  • Have demonstrated successful organization, administrative, and leadership capacities;
  • Have demonstrated successful leadership within NAEA or at a comparable organization or institution at the state and national levels;
  • Act as a public representative of the research community within the art education field.

Nomination Process

The Research Commission will accept nominations—for Commission members to represent the Museum or Supervision & Administration Division—by any NAEA member who wishes to nominate a suitable candidate. If you are nominating someone, please check with the individual to ensure the nomination is accepted before submitting. The Research Commission will also accept nominations from NAEA members who self-nominate for the positions.

Nominations closed on February 26, 2023.

  1. A CV/Resume (4 pages maximum). Should include listing of published work.

  2. Responses by the nominee that address the following:

    • A summary of your research experience and expertise.
    • Roles you have played in conducting research, including leadership roles.
    • Research questions you think need to be addressed in art education.

Deadline for nominations: Sunday, February 26, 2023.

About the NAEA Research Commission
The NAEA Research Commission, established by the NAEA Board of Directors in 2011, promotes a vibrant culture of research that encourages NAEA members and the broader educational community to understand, utilize, and value research as a means for improving art education theory, practice, advocacy, and policy. The Commission also helps NAEA members develop their interactive experiences with research practices and products, enhance their own skills and understandings as researchers, and locate and apply research findings to their professional practices. For more information, click here.

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