Celebrate Arts in Education Week

September 11-17, 2022

Arts in Ed Week 2020

It’s National Arts In Education Week! NAEA is joining the celebration by sharing what some artists find important about visual arts education. Bonus: these artists happen to have collaborated with us as NAEA National Convention speakers and we’re sharing videos of their presentations for a limited time.

Ingrid Hess

“The visual arts help make information understandable. So much is said about the need for good STEM education, but STEAM education is even more important. By incorporating art, students of all ages can more easily grasp difficult concepts.”
—Ingrid Hess

Alex Simmons

“The creative arts is a gateway to imagination and expression. People—kids especially— need to be able to envision possibilities in order to create them. And if a child cannot see how learning will help them achieve their future, they’ll fail to see why they should care about it now.”
—Alex Simmons

Vishavjit Singh

“Visual Arts targets the strongest of our senses, a powerful tool to display the complexity of our lives with lines and words. Most importantly it can starkly alter prevalent stereotypes by visually displaying the diversity of our communities at times by subverting existing icons and symbols. Visual Arts is a superpower!”
—Vishavjit Singh


“The imagination is a generative and healing place within us all. Creativity is innate to each of us, accessing and engaging with it brings us closer to ourselves and each other.”

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