Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

NAEA ED&I Commission: Call for Higher Education Commissioner

Application Deadline: June 1, 2022

The call for applicants has closed.

Appointments will be announced June 13, 2022.

Mission: The National Art Education Association (NAEA) champions creative growth and innovation by equitably advancing the tools and resources for a high-quality visual arts, design, and media arts education throughout diverse populations and communities of practice.

Vision: The National Art Education Association (NAEA) harnesses the power of the visual arts, design, and media arts to educate and enrich the lives of all learners and communities, especially those who are members of historically marginalized groups, and serves as a catalyst for developing creative and culturally competent future generations.

All current NAEA members who have an interest and meet the following criteria for serving in this national leadership role are encouraged to apply.

About the ED&I Commission
The mission of the NAEA ED&I Commission is

  1. to do the ongoing work of examining and dismantling systemic inequities that reinforce inaccessibility, stagnate membership, and foster a general resistance to new perspectives, particularly as a means for inciting organizational change;
  2. to ensure equal access to the benefits of membership and positions of leadership for all; and
  3. to build the skills and capacity around equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I), of NAEA members, to enact change towards greater diversity, equity, inclusivity, and accessibility throughout their state organizations and professional communities of practice.

ED&I Commissioner (Higher Education)

Commissioners shall facilitate the work of the ED&I Commission and oversee working groups constituted to carry out work on behalf of the ED&I Commission. The ideal Commissioners should have a commitment in expanding equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility as it relates to visual arts education and have the ability to represent the constituent communities of practice in their position on the ED&I Commission. Commissioners should possess the judgment to know whether additional expertise may be needed for particular initiatives and demonstrate leadership skills in taking action to accomplish tasks and fulfill the workload of being a Commissioner.

Term of Office (2-year commitment)* April 2022–March 2024 *May opt for a second 2-year term

Duties of ED&I Commissioners:

  • Be passionate about ED&I work and exercising emerging or sustaining leadership in the field;
  • Be able and willing to initiate impactful projects related to implementing the final recommendations of the ED&I Task Force;
  • Be able and willing to serve at least 2 years;
  • Report to the Chair about the work of the working groups;
  • Assist in prioritizing ED&I-related themes, issues, or questions as submitted to the ED&I Commission;
  • Assist in exploring funding sources to support the work of the working groups and the ED&I Commission;
  • Assist in identifying exemplary ED&I work, and/or reporting on it and initiating recommended actions to serve our field;
  • Act as a public representative of the ED&I community in the field of visual arts education; and
  • Assist in identifying candidates and in selecting a slate of candidates for Chair of the ED&I Commission, Associate Chair of the ED&I Commission, and Commissioners to be submitted to the NAEA Board of Directors for its approval.

Qualifications for ED&I Commissioners:

  • Be a member of the NAEA Division you will represent and have ED&I-related experience at that level;
  • Be a passionate advocate for the ED&I needs for members within the Division;
  • Have experience with ED&I work in their community and/or organization
  • Have demonstrated strong organizational and administrative capabilities;
  • Have demonstrated emerging or sustaining leadership within NAEA or a comparable organization or institution at the state and national levels;
  • Act as a representative of the diverse ED&I community in the visual arts education field;
  • Hold NAEA membership and be in good standing: and
  • Have the ability to serve for 2 years as a Commissioner.

Appointments will be announced June 13, 2022.

The applicant should be able to attend the ED&I Commission Summer Meetings - either virtually or in-person. The Commission is meeting in Park City, UT from July 16-18, 2022. NAEA covers related travel and lodging costs for the meeting.

Questions regarding applying? Please feel free to contact the following:

Browning Neddeau
ED&I Commission Chair: bmneddeau@csuchico.edu
Anna Pilhoefer
ED&I Commission Associate Chair: apilhoefer@sbunified.org
Ray Yang
NAEA Director of ED&I and Special Initiatives: ryang@arteducators.org

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