NAEA23 in San Antonio: A Community Forum

NAEA Town Hall Conversations | June 14, 2022

NAEA23 in San Antonio: A Community Forum

View the June 14 recording below:

Given the heightened attention on Texas currently and increased inquiries from members about the 2023 NAEA National Convention in San Antonio, Texas, we want to provide information and context regarding the Convention location and related questions. We hear the concerns that some members of our professional community are expressing and want to continue a healthy and open dialogue as we consider the voices of all. We are dedicating our June NAEA Town Hall Conversation to exploring this topic together. Please register and submit your questions and thoughts in advance to help shape discussion to best reflect the views of our community. Additionally, you can reach out to NAEA via email at to share your related thoughts, ideas, or concerns for consideration. We hope you will join us.

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