Visual Arts Skill-Based Interest Group (VASB)

Established 2020

Purpose: The purpose of the Visual Arts Skill-Based Interest Group is to provide access to technical drawing, painting, and sculpting training for art teachers and their students. Additionally, this interest group will provide a network for art educators who wish to share their interests in or learn more about teaching skill-based art with each other.

The Visual Arts Skill-Based Interest Group will encourage professional relationships, provide a forum for a focused exchange of ideas about how to teach technical art skills, furnish opportunities for NAEA members to learn about atelier training through workshops, newsletter articles, and lectures; and connect art teachers with professional development resources to expand their knowledge of these skills.

Specific Purposes

  1. To afford opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information concerning the Visual Arts Skill-Based Interest Group and related schools, ateliers and art academies.

  2. To support and mentor teachers in their quest to learn about skill-based art.

  3. To advocate for best practices in skill-based teaching for meaningful student learning.

  4. To address concerns for the profession of art education that may involve the various aspects of atelier training.

  5. To serve the National Art Education Association as a resource for those interested in skill-based practices.

  6. To help teachers modify skill-based practices to fit their own needs and the needs of their district/school.

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President: Caitlin Bludgus,

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Caitlin Bludgus

President (2020-2023)