Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

NAEA Task Force

In alignment with the 2015 – 2020 NAEA Strategic Vision and priority goals, the Board has engaged in strategic conversations about what constitutes a diverse and inclusive professional community. NAEA leaders have created organizational readiness toward more fully realizing the NAEA Community Goal: NAEA is a dynamic, inclusive and diverse professional community that shares a commitment to NAEA’s mission and vision. Work to date includes:

Adoption of Position Statements

Adoption of Definitions to Support Language:

Diversity: The term ‘diversity’ describes both observable and non-observable individual differences (life experiences, work context, learning and working styles, personality types among others) and group/social differences (race, gender identity and expression, age, social class, country of origin, ability, beliefs, intellectual and cultural perspectives, among others) that can contribute to organizational vibrancy and a dynamic professional community.

Inclusion: The term ‘inclusion’ describes proactive, intentional, and thoughtful engagement with diversity to the extent that all have the ability to contribute fully and effectively throughout the NAEA community.

Leadership Awareness and Development:

  • 2016 and 2017 NAEA Super Summer Summit Meeting with Board of Directors and Elects
  • 2016 National Leadership Conference with state association leaders

Consistent with NAEA’s commitment to being a ‘learning organization,’ President Defibaugh will appoint a Task Force, comprised of NAEA members, and charged with the following tasks:

Charge: To (1) review NAEA’s history through the lens of equity, diversity and inclusion; (2) identify similar initiatives underway with other professional organizations and study implications for NAEA’s work; (3) understand the demographics of the profession across the NAEA community and throughout the field as a whole; (4) develop a final report that summarizes the work and makes recommendations to the NAEA Board of Directors to include strategies toward enhancing and sustaining a dynamic, inclusive and diverse professional community.

Interested members must apply on or before October 29, 2017.