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NAEA Position Statement on Student Assessment in the Visual Arts Classroom

[Adopted March 2013; Reviewed March 2016]

NAEA recognizes the importance of developmentally appropriate student assessment to teaching and learning in the visual arts. Effective assessment is a continuous process that is standards-based and directly linked to instructional goals, objectives and performance expectations. Performance assessment is the primary means of measuring student knowledge and skills in the visual arts. Visual arts assessment provides ongoing and instructive feedback for supporting student growth. Assessment strategies often include methods that involve student reflection and evaluation. When shared with students, assessment criteria enable visual arts educators to communicate goals for student growth and creative development. Educators who make informed judgments based upon formative and summative assessments are better able to plan and improve instructional practice to meet the needs of their students.


To view the Model Cornerstone Assessments developed along with the National Visual Arts and Media Arts Standards for grades 2 5,8, proficient, accomplished, and advanced levels for high school, go to

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