Visual Recording from the Board of Directors Meeting, Reston, VA, July 20, 2013

Why visual recording?
Because we think in pictures, not just words!

Consider these astounding facts:
• An estimated two-thirds of all people are visual learners
• A full one-fourth of our brain is devoted to processing visual information
• Combining images with text or speech increases retention by 40%

By harnessing our innate visual literacy, graphic recording and graphic facilitation—either in a meeting or at an event—creates an active atmosphere and generates participant excitement and curiosity. Audiences sense instantly that something different and fun is about to happen that’s worth paying attention to. People become receptive to new information, and they retain what they learn.

How does it work?
Graphic Recorders listen and synthesize main ideas and themes into drawings using a combination of images and words. For conferences, trade shows and meetings, this capture and synthesis of verbal information takes place in real-time. He/she works large-scale at the front of the room, so everyone present can see and engage with the content of the drawing as it unfolds.

The visual recording charts below were created by Graphic Recorder Brian Tarallo.   
ph.: 480.268.4607







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