Welcome NAHS/NJAHS Chapter Sponsors! This page contains tips and tools that will help you establish, renew, and grow your chapter. 

What is a Chapter Sponsor?

A Chapter sponsor is a visual arts educator who supervises and guides an NAHS/NJAHS chapter on a regular basis. The sponsor acts as a liaison between faculty, administration, students, and the community. Any art educator employed at the school may sponsor the school’s NAHS/NJAHS chapter. NAHS/NJAHS Chapter Sponsors and Co-sponsors must be current NAEA members.

NAHS News Archive (and NAHS News Artwork Gallery)
NAHS News is a semi-yearly, full-color, electronic newsletter published on the NAHS webpage and distributed to all NAHS/NJAHS sponsors via e-mail. All NAHS and NJAHS chapters are encouraged to submit chapter reports, photos, and images of artwork following the guidelines below. Please contact NAHS@arteducators.org with any questions. 

• Access the NAHS News Archive
Access the Student Artwork Gallery
NAHS News Submission Guidelines | Submission Form

NAHS Directory
Connect with other registered chapters in your state! Use your NAEA login credentials to view the Directory.

The NING is a social networking site that allows NAEA members to share photos, videos, and blog posts. The NAHS/NJAHS NING is specifically for NAHS and NJAHS chapter sponsors. Post questions, comments, and participate in ongoing discussions!

Artsonia Gallery
Exhibit your chapter’s artwork in the largest online student art museum! As an NAHS/ NJAHS sponsor, you have access to the National Art Honor Societies Online Gallery sponsored by Artsonia where you can post your students’ work and see the work of Honor Societies from across the county. Parents, students, and friends can also view the gallery and purchase items featuring student artwork—a great fundraising activity!

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Downloadable Resources
PowerPoint Presentations:
The National Art Honor Society
Creating Student Leaders through NAHS

In 5 Segment: Arts in Education Week 2013 with Debi West and NAHS students.




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