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NAEA Advisory Archives

  1. Web Sources on Advocacy and Policy, Thomas A. Hatfield, Fall, 2003 
  2. Sixteen Legislative Tips for State Art Education Associations and Members, Thomas A. Hatfield, Fall, 2003
  3. Where's the Art?, NAEA, Spring, 2002
  4. Understanding Change In Art Education, Suzanne Floyd, Spring, 2002 
  5. Policy and Arts Education, David B. Pankratz, Spring, 2002
  7. The Stories that Student Art Tells: Examining Student Work as a Strategy for Arts Advocacy, Don Glass, Winter, 2001 
  8. Building Support for School Art Programs in Your Community, Hope Irvine, Winter, 1999 
  9. Significant Differences Between Outreach and Advocacy, Hope Irvine, Winter 1999 
  10. Know Your Rights From Your Lefts, Nancy E. Pipito, Fall, 1999 
  11. "Hey, You're the Art Teacher!" A conversation for recruiting parental involvement, Marylu Flowers-Schoen, Summer 1999 
  12. Tennessee Art Education Association's Collaboration for Art Education, Jim Dodson, Kathy Hawk, Gene Pletcher, Judy Williams, Summer, 1998 
  13. Leadership and Advocacy Strategies: What Every Art Educator Should Know and Do, Bonnie Rushlow, Summer 1997 
  14. Why Can't I Get Any Recognition When I Volunteer For Everything?, Larry Peeno, Summer, 1997 
  15. The ABC's of Art Program Advocacy and Survival (Parts I and II), John Michael Gray, Fall, 1995 
  16. A Proposal for Defining What Constitutes A Substantive Art Education, Charles Qualley, Spring, 1995 
  17. Building Community Support?The Public Arena?Mission and Image for the Elementary Art Teacher, Ann Cappetta, Donna Fitzgerald, Spring, 1995 
  18. Let the Debate Begin; But Only To The Extent That The Debate Leads To A Shared, Vision Of Excellence, Mac Arthur Goodwin, Spring, 1994 
  19. Art Education Is School Reform, Larry Peeno, Spring, 1993 
  20. "We Got Trouble...Right Here In..." Unless..., Edwin West, Jr., Emmy L. Whitehead, Summer, 1993
  21. Definition of Fine Arts for High School Graduation Requirements, NAEA, Winter, 1992 
  22. Art Education Advocacy Statement, The Pennsylvania Art Education Association, Fall, 1992 
  23. The Federal Reform of Schools: Looking For The Silver Bullet, Elliot Eisner, Spring, 1992 
  24. Lobbying Activities?A Checklist of What One Can Put In A Newsletter, William R. Joseph, Fall, 1990 
  25. Excerpts from Testimony Regarding Reauthorization of the National Endowment for the Arts, Samuel Hope, Summer, 1990 
  26. Will the Arts Continue to Occupy Place at Margins of Educational Institutions?, Elliot Eisner, Fall 1989 
  27. Strategies For Preserving [Art] Electives, Henry P. Traverso, Winter, 1989 
  28. Arts Education On Congressional Agenda, Prabha Sahasrabudhe, Fall, 1988 
  29. Why Elementary Art Teachers?, Charles A. Qualley, Fall, 1987

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