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NAEA Election 2016

The NAEA Board of Directors is selected by its members. The election of Vice Presidents- elect happens every 2 years. Vice Presidents serve a total of 4 years—2 years as Vice President-Elect, and 2 years on the Board as Regional Vice President.

An e-mail containing a link and login information will be sent to all eligible members on November 13, 2015. Voting closes on January 13, 2016.

   Candidates: Vice President - Eastern Region
Rebecca Carleton - View Bio    
  Diane Wilkin - View Bio

As “The Sun Rises in the East” it shines on a diverse group of committed Art Educators in dynamic cities and small nurturing hamlets, each dedicated to providing inspirational art programs to the students they serve. Conversations with Eastern Region educators over the past 8 years have helped me understand the complex issues facing educators at the classroom, museum, and supervisory levels. I will bring the ability to listen, communicate, and problem-solve to the Vice President position.

My goal is to help us operate more closely as a regional team by increasing personal and technological communication across the state lines to expand art educators’ access to new ideas and professional development resources.

I will listen to your questions and concerns and make them heard in national discussions about art education. As your Eastern Region representative, I would also bring to the NAEA board the perspectives of an experienced classroom art educator from a small, rural, high-needs school.


I envision the Eastern Region of NAEA continuing the work of building stronger bonds and lines of communication between member state organizations. I have seen relationships and initiatives generated by Eastern Region summer leadership meetings develop, and will work to involve more members in leadership training, and in forming collaborations across state borders.

Understanding state policies surrounding arts education requirements, partnering with common purpose, and advocating for the arts as core to all state educational guidelines is a necessary part of the Eastern Region’s work in NAEA.  These joint efforts will guide our work as we develop Position Papers for national release to be used by art educators practicing in the field.  I teach at the secondary level and currently serve as President of the Pennsylvania Art Education Association. I have held the state positions of Awards Chair, Secondary Division Director, and President-Elect, and would enjoy serving as Eastern Region Vice President-Elect for NAEA.


Candidates: Vice President - Pacific Region
Joyce Centofanti - View Bio   James Rees - View Bio

As VP of the Pacific Region I will serve the NAEA organization with the highest level of excellence, integrity, and responsiveness. I want to be a catalyst to strengthen our community, foster creativity, and celebrate life through art. Cultivating access to an inclusive, open atmosphere that embraces diverse ideas, art forms, and communities is one of my ambitions. Partnerships lead to great accomplishments, thus I will be committed to working with others to bring together teachers, artists, patrons, and communities. I will encourage the Pacific Region to help inform the government, education, business, and residents on how to value, support, and fully integrate the visual arts by encouraging independent thinking of our members in a creative and challenging environment. My vision includes fostering new ideas on how to provide a diversified curriculum and environment for students and how to prepare them for higher education and professionals in the visual arts.


NAEA is a unique community where collegiality and collaboration enhance growth and development of Art Education in various settings.  My first priority would be to continue to support the visual arts teachers, scholars, researchers and professors, students, administrators, art museum educators, and artists in the Pacific Region by providing up-to-date information, growing access to in-depth research knowledge, and sharing extended learning opportunities. 

My second area of focus would be to increase support for state organizations, large and small, within the region in order to continue to build diverse, inclusive leadership to help our membership become the leaders of change in their region, state, and school district. 

Third, help provide our membership with additional tools and experiences to better understand and implement the national core art standards—helping our teachers become the most effective mentors and advocates within their communities.

Candidates: Vice President - Southeastern Region
Kirby Meng - View Bio   Meg Skow - View Bio

As the Southeastern Region Vice President for NAEA, I would have several goals. The first would be to communicate about opportunities NAEA affords, with a focus on increasing southeastern region membership. Additionally I would be involved in providing support and mentoring for art educators through resources and professional development at national conferences and regional leadership events. These events provide opportunities for networking and collaborating that help identify future leaders— giving art educators the opportunity to become more involved in their professional community. Finally, I would bring concerns specific of the region to the attention of NAEA in hopes of finding solutions. I believe my previous experience as president of GAEA and involvement in Delegate’s Assembly, coupled with my previous service on the NAEA board, make me a good candidate for this position. I would be honored to serve the southeast region in support of art education for all students.


My vision statement for my leadership priorities is founded in my vision for my students. The vision for my art program is to empower students to develop ownership and leadership in the development of their artistic voice, their skills in addressing and meeting challenges, and their education.
Providing quality arts education requires continual attention to educational issues, trends, instructional practices, promotion of arts initiatives, and advocacy.
My leadership priorities are to increase the number of members in our region and to promote involvement of our members in NAEA initiatives, programs, and events. By increasing our numbers, we expand our impact and influence at local, regional, national levels. Our combined voices create stronger advocacy.
Advocacy is key to advancing our art education programs for the benefit of all students. This advocacy includes informing and educating our local, state, and national decision makers; and collaborating with educators at each level and across disciplines.


Candidates: Vice President - Western Region
Anne Becker - View Bio   Bob Reeker - View Bio

The Western Region is a vital part of our state organization. I can offer leadership for our region because as a delegate the past few years I have been part of planning and discussing issues facing many states: advocacy, leadership growth, increasing membership, retention of members, and the struggles that art educators face due to budget cuts. I have had the opportunity to lead teacher candidates to leadership roles at the state and national level, and design strong professional development for art educators in advocacy and assessment strategies for state evaluations. The arts are at a turning point in relation to the changes that are taking place in public education. My role as a Regional Vice President will be to assist state leaders to better align our skills and opportunities through the arts in a way that makes us a viable asset and important partner as these changes evolve.


“Success is the point where your most authentic talents, passion, values, and experiences intersect with the chance to contribute to some greater good.”
—Bill Strickland, 2016 NAEA Convention Keynote (scheduled)
As NAEA Western Region Vice President, my vision for all the art education leaders in the Western Region would be for each to plan for success, experience success, and reflect on success. To assist in growing success for educators and students, I would work diligently to make personal connections with state leaders and to learn about the talents, passions, and values each possess. Then, using those attributes that best fit each person, facilitate experiences that enrich and empower leaders and allow leaders to grow. The idea of creating something that benefits all who educate through art would be the ultimate goal… one that I feel the Western Region can achieve, do well, and replicate over and over again.


Beginning with the 2010 election, voting is now conducted online for NAEA National Officer elections. View statement on electronic balloting

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